The city of Zacharo is located in the south-western department of Ilia's county, distance from his capital, Pyrgos, 32 km, and from Ancient Olympia 25 km. Also is only 260 km far away from Athens via Tripoli and 320 km via Patra. With her economical liveliness and the tourist infrastructure (hotels, restaurants, taverns, municipal tourist kiosks next to the wave etc.) Zacharo offers most excellent conditions of stay and existence. Zacharo can satisfy the most exigent visitor, which is looking forward at comfort, pleasant, carefree vacations in one of the more beautiful summer resorts.
The wide area of Zacharo gives the possibility in the visitor of enjoying the ideal natural beauty of Kaiafa, that combines mountain-plain - lake-forest-sea, exploiting the therapeutic attributes of Kaiafa's Spa, walking in the very beautiful piny forest of Strofjlja's and breathing together the marine breeze . Moreover the visitors can enjoy the sunbathing and the swimming at Zacharo beach which is rewarded every year from the European Union with the blue Flag of Europe. Finally for the lovers of ancient Greek Culture Zacharo is very closed to the famous Ancient Olympia, the ancient temple of Epikourios Apollon, the ancient castle of archaia Sami in the Lapitha mountain, the headsprings of Anigrides Nymphs (Kaiafa's Spa), the ancient walls at Lepreo, the Aipy of Omiros at Makistos ,the ancient temple of Athina in Prasidaki, the vaulted graves of Nestoras in the region of Kalidona and the waterfalls of Neda, the unique female river of Greece.Zacharo is unique for enjoyable summer vacations and pleasant amusements.

1Zacharo Beach

3Ancient Olympia

5Panoramic View of Kaiafa Lake

2The Temple of Epikourios Apollon

7Zacharo beach

9Zacharo's night view

6The small island of Saint Aikaterini at Kaiafa's Lake

20European Waterski Championship at Kaiafa's Lake

14The Eyropean blue flag at Zacharo's beach

13Kakovatos beach

8Ancient walls at Lepreo

15Zacharo beach

17Beach volley at Zacharo

10Zacharo's sunset

16View from Parathinalos Cafe club

4The church at Smerna Village

11Neda's river waterfalls

18Zacharo beach early the morning

19The Waterfalls of Neda river

12Sunset at Zacharo beach

21Ancient Sami